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Athletic Development

Train for specific sports and develop your athletic ability. Doing so improves game confidence and allows for peak performance. Make sports fun and improve finesse with different aspects like balance, agility and kinesthetic awareness. Improve power and explosive strength. Improve your co-ordination, motor skills and reaction time and be sharper with decision making during play. Progression to advanced core strength and endurance will allow you to generate more overall strength. Development of your flexibility positively impacts your muscle’s elasticity, allowing it to produce more torque as well as reduce the risk of injury.

All of these are benefits for an athlete by helping them maintain their balance while performing tasks quickly, powerfully and at high speeds. Most movements themselves will mimic ones you perform during your sport so they feel natural once muscular adaptations have been made.

Train for competitive play or even just recreational sports with Sureshape Fitness and gain a competitive edge!

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