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1. What do the packages cost?

Package prices vary with different levels of exercise experience, goals, needs, etc. Consultations provide prospective clients with clarity and a deeper understanding of what they need.

2.Where do you train your clients?

Clients are trained primarily in a nicely equipped personal training studio in North York called PTL Fitness. The address is 2054 Sheppard Avenue East. (Brian Drive and Sheppard Avenue East). Otherwise clients can reach their goals at home, or other places they have access to equipment (i.e. condos, recreation rooms, etc.) with the exception of bigger commercial gyms.

3. Do you issue meal plans?

No, clients are guided with general nutritional guidance that will make for an easier transition to healthier eating habits and help them reach their goals.

4. How long are the sessions?

Sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) in length to accommodate for assisted stretching, further improving each clients’ flexibility.

5. What kind of pain rehabilitation do you do?

One of the most effective forms of massage in Trigger Point Therapy. Although painful at times, this type of massage centers on the origin of your pain and releases the knots responsible for pain symptoms. The longer the pain has existed, the longer the tension can take to release as scar tissue forms over the years.

6. Are you a Registered Massage Therapist?

No, my knowledge and experience comes from 6 years of self-study and a developed education of different conditions that past clients have endured.

7. Why wouldn’t I just hire a personal trainer from one of the chain gyms (i.e. Goodlife, L.A.Fitness, etc.)

Many trainers in commercial gyms are under-qualified and have completed the bare mimimum education required to be hired. I have developed versatility with a variety of training concepts that can be used to take you to your goals the right way. Working with me will ensure that you appropriately deal with pain instead of having a new trainer work around it, only for it to re-surface again in the future.

8. As a woman, won’t I ‘bulk up’ if I lift weights?

No, women carry approximately a tenth (1/10th) of the amount of testosterone a man does. Testosterone is a pre-requisite for muscle growth, so bulking up for a woman is far less likely.

9. I have an injury and my doctor says I shouldn’t do any exercise, how will I benefit?

Despite a doctor’s advice, injuries simply do not heal from rest alone. When sudden injuries happen for instance, the surrounding muscle makes an attempt to brace for impact as best it can by flexing immediately. When the impact is greater than your muscle can handle, it tightens up and blood flow is reduced. The immune system is responsible for healing but if blood circulation to the affected area is low, your body’s healing ability becomes heavily impaired as necessary nutrients are prevented from reaching where they need to go. In fact, Trigger Points harden into scar tissue as months go by without the right attention or overall inactivity, hampering the overall healing process. The severity of an injury will be identified to clarify which movements can be performed, while tension will be progressively removed through massage, appropriate exercise and stretching. Over time, the range of motion of the particular joint will improve and allow for more strengthening, flexibility and tension release.

10. Can you help me loose 20lbs in a month?

The amount of fat loss anyone can create depends on a number of factors. If an individual has high body fat content, excess weight can be lost more quickly in the beginning of any exercise program. But if someone is 20lbs away from their goal, fat loss happens much more slowly as the body gets used to burning fat. Drastic fat loss in short periods of time is actually unhealthy because your body is unable to adapt to speedy changes efficiently.

11. How long will it take for me to see results?

Most people see results from new programs in 3 to 4 weeks. However, when a suitable program is applied with consistent frequency and modified eating habits, one can witness changes in as little as one week.

12. Won't having a personal trainer be too INTENSE for me?

One of a personal trainer’s main goals should be to identify a client’s strengths and weaknesses and appropriately challenge them. Once a consultation is done, such abilities are identified and workouts developed are progressively challenging. Leaving you feeling encouraged when you take steps closer to the goal.

13. Why don’t you have as much physical size as other trainers?

Fitness entails many different avenues. There’s yoga, athletics, functional strength and more. Bodybuilding is one of them, but it doesn’t mean that ‘big’ guys/women are the only types of trainers who can help someone with their fitness goals. The core fundamentals to fat loss or toning are still the same and can be utilized by a trainer of virtually any healthy body type.

14. Do I need to take any supplements?

No, you can get every nutrient you need from whole and unprocessed foods. Supplements like protein allow you to get more overall protein and can be added to your diet, but should not replace healthy whole foods.

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