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Pain Rehabilitation

Have you had pain that medical professionals just can't seem to fix? Been to the chiropractor?, the physiotherapist?, or even the massage therapist only to be left with returning symptoms of pain? Well, how would you feel if your pain could be eliminated?

Up to 75% of pain you've experienced comes from individual or collections of contractile 'knots' known as Trigger Points. Trigger Points are extremely common and are developed within muscle tissue and keep the affected muscle short and weak. They collect metabolic waste (water, toxins, lactic acid, etc.) and prevent the flow of nutrients, oxygen and blood required for healing. Good Blood circulation is a necessity for your immune system, allowing it to reach every corner of your body. Trigger points are created by either acutely (falls, whiplash, other sudden injuries, etc.) or by repetitive strain (overuse that chronically fatigues muscle) injury. Pain references are even often felt distantly from the injured tissue, leaving you with the impression of a whole different problem. Trigger points can be the cause of a wide array of conditions like tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, runner's knee, nausea, sciatica, infections, numbness, tingling, muscle aches and lots more. The longer they occupy your muscle, the more scar tissue is developed as a result of your body's attempt to cope with injury on its own. Some of us carry these knots with us for the duration of our lives and feel like we have no choice but to live in such conditions.

Systematic and frequent massage in specific areas, removal of stressors, and consistent nutrients will eventually break scar tissue and trigger points, allowing muscle to return to its’ resting length and eliminate pain. A total combination of massage, exercise, nutrients and stretching will be used throughout the process to progressively eliminate your pain.

Pain can eventually affect your earning potential or even keep you out of work. Relief can be as much as 40% in the first week depending on the age of the injury(days to years).

If you’re tired of broken promises and want to heal with no medications, side effects and improved pain knowledge, this service has found YOU!

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