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Tameika had been suffering from pain due to repetitive strain in the gym and remaining seated for most of her days while at work.  Trigger points and scar tissue were created in her hip region during a 5-year span and became increasingly painful to deal with.  Her condition required 4-5 months of treatment (3x/week) along with effective self-massage techniques and other recommendations to eliminate the hardening of her soft tissue.


Mitchell has been the longest running client I’ve had to date.  We began December of 2006 and have been working together since.  Mitchell has gone through a few different minor pain issues which I had been able to eliminate with Trigger Point Therapy. He has experienced the value of training and assisted stretching, making his decision to retain himself as a client an easy one.


After scheduling an operation for an issue in her lower leg, Elizabeth decided to give Trigger Point Therapy a try which I had administered.  The lack of circulation down her leg promoted the growth of a cyst (a collection of waste fluids) and created the risk of this infection spreading to other areas of her leg.  Specific massage to areas that promoted blood flow allowed her immune system to reach the site of her cyst and carry away the toxins that accumulated.


Brandon is 17 years old and was referred to me by his mother, as I learned that he was looking to improve his abilities and confidence in Basketball.  We spent 3 months together, starting by trimming his level of body fat.  We then proceeded to work on his agility, quickness and balance after I gathered information on his abilities at the time. Brandon showed great improvement as it was recognized by his coaches and mother, observing his game.


My experience with Trigger Point Therapy has been both educational and rewarding. I was given TPT by Andrae over a year ago, and have never looked back. It replaced my need for regular chiropractic care, as well as regular massage therapy. When you follow the proper technique and perform TP therapy on a consistent basis the benefits are like none other. Read More ...


Having a healthy lifestyle has always been a priority in my life. Before I had my daughter, I played sports, worked out regularly and ate sensibly. However my priorities and perspectives changed once I had a baby. Although I maintained my healthy eating habits, I found it difficult to make time for myself while still trying to balance my home, career and work-out schedules. Read More ...


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