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My name is Andrae Satterswaite and I have been an avid exerciser since 2003. I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 2008 and most of my training knowledge has been acquired via passionate self-study. I have 6 years of practical experience with pain rehabilitation and Trigger Point Therapy and had growing success with minor and moderate pain symptoms. I also attained further education with Darby Training Systems (Training for Optimal Back Health) and Can-Fit Pro (Mind-Body Fitness Specialist).

My attitude towards each client is goal-oriented and I possess well rounded knowledge that includes lasting pain relief, exercise, nutrition, stretching and mental awareness.

I am one of few trainers who can take individuals to their goals without pushing any other minor or moderate physical health issues under the rug. During my treatments of pain, I identify causative factors, cancel them out, replace them with healing factors and specific deep tissue massage to raise the individual’s confidence in their bodies’ natural healing processes. Helping each client realize the powerful tools within themselves is also one of my goals and is paramount in keeping the results they first set out for.

With a strong customer service background, I feel the need to leave each client with the utmost satisfaction in their investment. YOUR health is a priority and therefore you will feel like you have made a wise decision by improving it.

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